TERRA INCOGNITA (as above, so below)

miasma / Look Again / Aberdeen Performing Arts


TERRA INCOGNITA (as above, so below) is a newly commissioned project hosted by MIASMA and Look Again for WONDERLAND.

A weirding and reenchantment of the city held across various sites, where audiences may traverse through a cyclical route across scapes of deep time and feral space.

Themes across works range from archaeology and folk belief to the worship of sacred wells; from networks of mycelium, to that of community radio; uncanny structures of surveillance loom over scapes of corrosion and of civic space all the while a lonely guide promotes subterranean tours to the depths of a 'shadow biosphere'.

Through the psychogeographic and the spiritual, the mythic and the eerie, works explore and think through interrelations and entanglements between zenith, nadir and the strange ephemera that dance between the two.

Participating artists and contributors:

Abby Quick

Alasdair Milne + Eloise Bennett

Ane Smith

Astrid Björklund

Caitlin Dick

Caitlin Main

Dane Sutherland (Most Dismal Swamp)

Emily Doherty

Eryka Aniol

Jack Murray Brown

Jared Cameron

Phoebe McBride

Ray Downie

Samm Anga

Saoirse Horne (Lamium)

Time Is Away


SWAMP GOSSIP (In Conversation w/ Most Dismal Swamp and Colin Farquhar)

What does it mean to be enlightened, dankly? Why does everyone leave Aberdeen? What happens when two swamps meet? Join us by Fruitful FM’s greenhouse on the roof garden of St. Nicholas for an hour of hot swamp goss/conversation with Dane Sutherland (Most Dismal Swamp) and Colin Farquhar (Vice Chair of Culture Aberdeen, head of Cinema Operations at Belmont Filmhouse and old friend of Dane’s).

A hot take with two good friends on their experiences growing up in the North East; their respective career trajectories and views on sustainability of practice; questions of exodus and the fatigue of council-led decisions.

This discussion follows a screening of films MUSH and Whale Fall held at the Belmont Filmhouse from 1500-1600. 


HERE BE DRAGONS is an alternative tour of TERRA INCOGNITA (as above, so below). As an ode to MIASMA’s virtual LARP (live action role play) exercise which was initiated within the group of artists one year ago, this workshop-tour leans into the weirding and reimagining of civic space through flâneury and enchantment.

Responding to the works in situ and through being assigned specific roles, participants will in turn become wayfarers and archaeologists, speculative inhabitants in an alternate time and space. Drawing upon methods such as geocaching, divination and deep mapping, members of the public are invited to make way through the lay of the land in order to ‘collect’ and glean treasures as souvenirs to their tour.

Ceramic works have been created with assistance from Helen Love.

MUSH / Whale Fall (Film Screening w/ Most Dismal Swamp)

Dank enlightenment, swamp gossip. Through the veil of hot late-summer miasma we welcome Most Dismal Swamp, the alias of Dane Sutherland, for a screening of two film works created together with an assembly of ‘swamp angels’.

Both MUSH and Whale Fall stand stoic as portals to netherworlds of quantum entanglement and of ‘mystic fiction’. This event will be hosted in the basement of our precious local cinema, Belmont Filmhouse.

Please make way to the roof garden on top of St. Nicholas centre after the screening for a discussion with Most Dismal Swamp and Colin Farquhar (Vice chair of Culture Aberdeen and head of Cinema Operations at Belmont Filmhouse - also a good friend of Dane’s) hosted beside the greenhouse of Fruitful FM. 

‘Field Paint Testing’ w/ Lamium [live] on Fruiftul FM’

‘Field Paint Testing’; a lamium project exploring the weathering of shades through north east air.

Sound Performance of collected and altered field recordings and responding live instrumentals.

Centring around Deep Listening practices, Saoirse Horne creates sound works through a digital means of collating and altering field recordings, layered to mimic modern orchestral minimalism. The work is influenced by space and acoustic resonance, taking the digital-made pieces and allowing them to work in specific acoustic spaces.

Graduating in 2022 from Painting at Gray’s School of Art, these audio-paintings have developed alongside a drawing practice which finds itself centred in ideas of ephemerality and fixation, harmony and cacophony.

This event will take place at Fruitful FM Greenhouse (roof garden of St Nicholas). 

Samm Anga [live] on Fruiftul FM

In his performance for the Terra Incognita radio station, Samm Anga will be performing a new series of works that transpose the functional repetition of folk music into the rich hypnotic wonder of bass music. Modulating synth textures undulate and swirl in constant symbiosis, weathered voices cut through the mix, and Anga pushes each laden frequency with his usual fervour.

‘The sound moves with the body’s rhythm as it pushes and pulls in the air’

A gesture, a pulse, a sound. Push and pull through layers of noise, notes and timbres with Ray Downie in this participatory demonstration of DIY instruments and found objects. 

Fruitful Sounds

Explore regenerative sounds, weather stations and web hacking all inside this workshop!

Participants will explore creating sounds and patches fed by live data from the studio / greenhouse via its weather station SwampNET using the live coding environment Cascade (https://raphaelbastide.com/cascade/). You’ll learn what makes up a webpage, how to mess it up and change it to your liking! No coding experience is required. These patches will then be broadcast on Fruitful FM during the festival.