Abby Beatrice Quick (b. 1994)

Photographer, filmmaker, artist and curator based in North-East Scotland.

Finding equilibrium between community-based, DIY projects and established organisations, I have experience working in creative roles within music, contemporary art and design within the city and shire.

I am committed to nurturing the creative sector in the North-East. With a degree in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art (2018) I more recently completed Peacock Visual Arts’ ‘Curatorial Fellowship’ programme. Culminating in a two-month long exhibition and series of events held at the Worm gallery, themes were framed by what it means to think ‘With the North Sea’.

In my visual arts practice I explore with intimacy themes of belonging, spatiotemporality and the space between worlds of the material and intangible.

Moving between the realms of personal practice and commissions to create poetic and sensitive portraits of a subject or environment, my approach to image making is rooted in a pull towards perceptions and constructions of reality, whereby the camera becomes a vessel for exploring possible worlds.

Combining photography, writing and moving image to create sensitive musings on our perception of the environment, my work seeks to echo the sensuous nature of geography and the transience of time in a tentative future. Exploring the space between reality and fiction, objects and materials become sentient inhabitants in the landscape of the mind.

Previous projects include ‘Nymphaea Alba’ a dance film exploring girlhood, alienation and body politics within a mythic context, film-poems ‘Silver’ surrounding the life of a water sprite that lives inside a granite quarry, and ‘Tentative Recollections (In Darkness, It Gleams)’ imagining the feeling of holding a memory in the palm of your hand.


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Select Clients 

I have been fortunate enough to tell the stories of various charities and arts organisations such as :

Peacock Visual Arts, Deveron Projects,  a-n The Artist Information Company, The Children's Parliament and Sound Festival Scotland