SWAMP ISLAND Living History Museum



(opening portals from 1400 until the sun sets)

while some dream of touch, conversations, spirits and music, drawn to living in a community that is still an idealised memory, others learn to adapt to the rhythm of nature by discovering a new ability of being in their own company and listening to their bodies. in both of these attitudes there is a longing, a primal desire to unite and find oneself as part of a larger, metaphysical organism. the lack of physicality results in a feeling of loss and bizarre loneliness, so we compensate for it with cold air, the smell of fog and rot, the taste of rain. wanting to multiply the sensory experiences of our bodies thriving for connection, we run away to nature, paradoxically looking for other people in it. this relationship between isolation, nature and the desire for connection is the focus of the exhibition. over several months of incubation, the objects evolved, ideas transformed appearing and dying like organic beings, to finally emerge from the swamp as day bleeds into night, casting shadows of dismay and awe into the periphery of all watchers. by opening a small portal to this alternative world in which pandemic's desires, fears and hopes materialise among water, plants and mud, we create a place of union between human and human, human and nature, and - finally - the entire ecosystem - both physical and spiritual.

the swamp island presents itself as a speculative, temporary living history museum that exists in an alternative time and space. a site for collective hope, dreaming and imagining. artworks become artefacts that thrive in darkness. artefacts become tokens of resilience, or spirits to ward off harm and co-exist within these times of uncertainty.

the word ‘miasma’ is excavated from a defunct theory, where it was believed that epidemics were caused by rotting organic matter, or ‘night air’, encouraging the masses to stay inside and away from the natural world.

listen back to our open call broadcast / ambient swamp tape on aerial community radio


ane smith


astrid björklund

caitlin dick

emily doherty

jared cameron

ray downie & saoirse horne

zsofia jakab

✺with special thanks to amy laura and phoebe mcbride for watching the swamp with us over the last few months.

✺special thanks, too, go to look again for their support in the form of a ‘create networks’ fund, which enabled us to stay connected and inspired during the darker times. --> https://lookagainaberdeen.co.uk

✺this event was initiated by miasma curatorial project featuring eryka anioł and abby quick


✺these are strange and eerie times and we hope that you will respect the land in which you tread. works have been made with love and great care taken into account with regards to the ethics of presenting works in nature

✺wear comfortable and swamp-friendly (waterproof) footwear if possible

✺oh, and please feel free to bring along picnic / food offerings (traveling too many dimensions may result in a feast)

further info on performance schedule to be announced.


further details will be presented shortly, though we can say that the event will take place near robert gordon university ꙰

see you in the swamp!